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Founded in 1998, FINTEC's
Food-processing Factory is the most rapidly growing division of the corporation. Basic working principles of the factory are based on standardized quality and hygienic condition of the produces, which are regularly checked and certified by Authorities.

We are the first Vietnamese food producer who offers agricultural produces online for domestic and international markets. Whatever the size of your order for our specialized produces is - peanut products, canned foods or mushroom products, wherever you want the produces to be delivered, we are ready to get things done for you. Let us know your demand through mail, fax, or e-mail and we will know how to serve you best.

Contact information:

Address : No. 2 Chuong Duong Do street, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel : (+84) 4 9321018
Fax : (+84) 4 9281757
Email :

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