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FINTEC participates in MASAN Group, one of whose main business lines is food export-processing. We regularly export finished as well as semi-products to Europe. Our plans for diversifying product range and expanding target markets are being underway. FINTEC's traditional export goods are processed agricultural produces, including peanut products, canned foods and mushroom products. 

The corporation is a dealer of imported IT and office-automation products including computer hardware, network devices, software and enterprise solutions that meet the market need. FINTEC plays an active role as a channel partner in many market survey programs. We help push up local sales. Partnership cooperation between FINTEC and Asian and world vendors has been generating higher revenues that contribute to mutual profitability.



Compaq Computer Asia / Pacific Pte Ltd


Presario desktops & notebooks, Proliant NT servers

Hewlett - Packard Far East Pte Ltd


HP LaserJets, HP DeskJets printers

IBM World Trade Asia Corp


IBM PCs, IBM servers

Canon Singapore Pte Ltd


Canon Laser & InkJet Printers, Scanners, Projectors and Calculators

Alt-N Technologies


Software: Mdaemon Mail Servers, RelayFax

MPC Computers (USA)


MPC ClientPro Dekstops, TransPort Notebooks, NetFRAME and DataFRAME Servers

Microsoft Corp


Microsoft software packages

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